If you think you have ordered a wrong item, if you request us within 12hrs of time of purchase, we will not ship the item and we will refund 100% money back.

After 12hrs of purchase if you fail to send a cancel notification, we will not continue the return policy, since the product might have been shipped by the time.

When you cancel the order, it would be appreciated if you submit a proper reason to let us understand why your order is being cancelled.

We reserve every product and make it ready after we get the order; canceling any order will affect us.We expect your cooperation in this regard.

The refundedmoney will be credited to your bankaccount in within 5 working days.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at:

33 Khalifa Street, Souq Al Markhyia, Doha,
P.O. Box: 17785 Qatar
Telephone: +974 44873533
Mobile: +974 30032032
Email: info@ibnqym.qa